How Often Should You Update Your Healthcare Website Content?

The content you have for your bariatric or healthcare website is incredibly important. The right web content can help you grow your practice organically. This means instead of spending money on ads, you have people coming to you time and time again.

In the meantime, your only expense was having the content created. However, Google and other search engines like to see updated content. The fresher it is, the more likely it is to be valuable and relevant.

Therefore, let’s answer the question of how often you should perform a healthcare website content update:

How Frequently Should You Update Website Content?

It’s difficult to give a short answer because it all depends on the context. However, at a minimum you should aim to update your content once per week.

This keeps the content fresh in Google’s eyes. This means they’re going to rank your content higher and see it as more valuable to your bariatric patients. Of course, like anything, the real answer is a bit longer. It depends on numerous factors.

Let’s take a look at what might determine how frequently you should update your content:

Google Algorithms

Google is always changing its algorithms. This allows it to serve up better content to searchers. Every time that Google makes a core algorithm update, you should update your sites as well.

This will keep them in good standing with best practices.

Changes In Health Research

If new studies or clinical evidence have been introduced into your field, it’s time to update your content again. What may have been recommended in the past may change as the months or years go on.

It’s important to have up-to-date information so that your patients can trust that you have their best interests in mind while providing the best advice.

Changes In Your Treatments

As your practice grows, you’ll inevitably change some of your offerings. If you change the way that you perform a treatment or offer a new treatment, you should update your website content.

Quality web specialists can help you keep this content updated so it’s always representing the most accurate version of what you help your patients with.

This can also help you avoid legal issues.

Your Content Is Stale

If you’ve had the same old blog posts sitting around for years, Google is probably not going to reward you with fresh organic views. In order to take advantage of SEO, you need to consistently produce great new content.

This can involve editing a few hundred words of existing blog posts. Oftentimes it means creating entirely new articles around similar keywords that are related to bariatric or other healthcare procedures.

Search engines see how often you update your content. The sites that update content more frequently are assumed to be more engaged with their market and therefore they’re rewarded with higher rankings in most circumstances.

Marketing Content for Bariatric Surgery

When it comes to standing out in today’s world it can be difficult. This is especially true for the weight loss field.

Bariatric surgery is in high demand but that means there are several other surgeons and practices competing with you. In order to grow your practice it is important to have great website content. Hire a bariatric surgery marketing team that can help you create consistent high-quality blogs and articles.

That way people can find you easily. And they’ll schedule more consultations that ultimately fill your calendar for the transformational procedures you provide..


Jeff Tormey is an SEO expert with a background in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He started learning SEO in 2001 out of curiosity and has since used his knowledge to help local, national, and global companies!