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We Help Bariatric Surgeons Acquire More New Patients Faster & More Efficiently Than Ever Before

We use data targeting & artificial intelligence for weight loss surgery marketing. We provide a proven system for our clients to attract new weight loss surgery patients at a lower cost than their competition.

Win New Patients from the Internet

Your Complete Solution For Weight Loss Surgery Marketing

As your full-service bariatric marketing partners, we’ll craft a customized marketing solution that is focused on getting results.
Custom Landing Pages & Sales Funnel

Landing Pages & Sales Funnel

We turn clicks into patients with proven high-converting landing pages and lead generation campaigns. Our lead nurturing campaigns stay in touch with prospects to bring them into your office.
Campaign Analytics Insights

Campaign Analytics

We track every aspect of our campaigns to measure results including: Google Analytics, Call Tracking, Form Tracking, Emails sent, Emails Opened, Website interaction, Seminar Attendance and more.

Local / Global SEO Visibility
Our SEO strategies will earn your site a higher ranking in search results. We provide weekly and monthly reports so you can track our progress and see the results. We’ve been the boss since 2001.
Data Driven Marketing Stats

Data Driven Marketing

Proven, data driven marketing harnesses real-time behavior tracking, identity resolution and machine learning AI to eliminate ad waste and target real prospects.
Get More Leads with PPC Marketing
More Leads
Maximize your online presence and ROI with Google Search Ads, Display Ads and Retargeting. We manage our clients’ accounts daily and monitor bid prices and budgets to optimize ROI.
Brand Building Through Social Media Marketing
We combine our data with Facebook Ads for unrivaled results: Lower acquisition cost and more patients. We reach prospects where they spend their time and bring them into your sales funnel.

What People Say

"The leads are coming in daily. The campaign is doing excellent. We have been able to convert some of those to patients. If those can continue hopefully we will be in great shape."
"I am a Bariatric surgeon and I must say that Jeff Tormey and his team tremendously increased our traffic to our website significantly within a matter of two weeks. Our phones were ringing off the hook constantly. If you want your business to thrive, then it is essential to have someone like Jeff to help grow your business. SEOGURU is the real deal. They pay attention to detail and constantly keep in contact with you. I highly recommend them"
Mustafa Ahmed
"We have been working with Jeff at Bariatric Audience for over two years now and have seen great growth in lead generation and traffic to our website and on Facebook. We highly recommend Bariatric Audience for SEO and lead generation, a great investment with excellent return on investment."
Matt Tinsley
West Texas Bariatrics

Bariatric Surgeon Marketing

Case Study by
Bariatric Audience

76% Increase In On-Site Seminar Attendance with In-Market Bariatric Audience Leads: Targeted Marketing for Weight Loss Surgery

Seminars are a great way to introduce prospective weight loss surgery patients to the process, options, the doctor, and staff. In-person or on-site seminars may be the most personal way to connect with a prospect and, while attendance shows a high level of interest, it’s also challenging to get people to attend.

So how can you reach out to the people in your area that are interested in weight loss surgery right now? How can you identify them, bring them to your website and get them to sign up for an on-site seminar? Beyond that, how do you get them to actually attend? Check out our this case study.

Cut Ad Waste by Up To 97%

With our data, technology and smart market systems, we create campaigns designed to control the conversation with the top 3% of the market who are actually ready-to-schedule and eliminate the bottom 97% who will never will.
Cut Ad Waste by Up To 97%
The Old Way: Like A Shotgun


You spend your bariatric surgery advertising dollars targeting broad demographics, not specific people who are actively searching for bariatric surgery in your city.

This shotgun blast approach leads to high patient acquisition costs which slowly bleed your profit margin.

With this strategy, you’re playing on the same level as your competition – spend more money and hope they choose you.

With the shotgun approach, you have no “unfair advantage”.

But what if there was a solution that allowed you to target the exact individuals who are “in-market” and actively searching for bariatric surgery in your city?

Bariatric Audience is your answer.


We have developed a proprietary patient acquisition system that generates a profitable and predictable flow of new bariatric surgery patients.

Using browsing behavior, big data, and machine learning we’re able to identify the exact people who are “in-market” and actively researching weight loss surgery clinics in your city.

This allows us to target your messaging to that specific person, across any channel, before your competition even knows they exist.

This unfair advantage means lower customer acquisition costs, higher return on investment and, of course, beefier profit margins.

Read our case study here.

If you’re interested in learning more, about weight loss surgery marketing click the button below to book your free 15-minute discovery call.

Bariatric Surgery Marketing With Bariatric Audience Way


Scale Fast

Scale Fast

With our data, we create campaigns to target the top 3% of the market who are actually ready to take action and eliminate the bottom 97% who are not.

Lower Acquisition Cost

Lower Acquisition Cost

With our target audiences, we reduce cost per acquisition. This means higher quality leads for your office, and more revenue for your clinic.

Save Time

Save Time

Say goodbye to chasing down unqualified leads. We build sales funnels to follow up with leads so you & your staff can focus patients.


Are you interested in learning if our system will drive more prospects to your weight loss clinic?  

My name is Jeff Tormey and I’d like to extend you the offer of scheduling a free, no-obligation, 15 minute discovery call with me.  

In this discovery call, we’ll diagnose your growth goals and current marketing efforts. I’ll educate you on in-market leads and share what my clients are doing to scale their clinics in an increasingly competitive market.  

If the call goes longer, it’s because you want to keep talking.  

You’ll leave with a clear direction of how the digital marketing landscape is evolving, and what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition.  

Click on the “BOOK FREE DISCOVERY CALL” button below, fill out the form, and pick a time on my calendar that suits your availability.  

Now because of this unfair advantage, I have a strict one client per area policy.  

If you want to discuss deploying this for your clinic, let’s connect and make your community a healthier place.


About Bariatric Audience - Marketing Agency for Bariatric Surgery
Jeff Tormey - Founder, Bariatric Audience
Jeff Tormey - Founder, Bariatric Audience

At Bariatric Audience, we developed a proprietary patient acquisition system that generates a profitable and predictable flow of new weight loss surgery patients and have been featured on ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS.

We give our clients an “unfair advantage” because we can tell them, by name, who is in-market and actively searching for weight loss surgery in their area.

We simply don’t have any competition because the average generalist marketing agency doesn’t have the technology partnership we have, nor do they know the difference between medical weight loss, body mass index and gastric banding.

We’ve been doing Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads since 2001 and since 2012, my company SEO Guru Atlanta has helped dozens of companies get to the top of the search engines.

You were smart enough to specialize in a specific kind of medicine. Because of that, you see the value in working with someone who also specializes in a specific type of marketing.

Just like you wouldn’t want a generalist to diagnose a patient as eligible for weight loss surgery – we focus on what we’re best at, and that is marketing your weight loss surgery clinic.

Simply put – we know how to market your clinic just as effectively as you know how to diagnose and treat your patients.

If you’re ready for a specialist to approach your business with the same level of commitment and expertise as you approach your patients, then lets set up a time to chat.

Due to high demand, we can only work with 3 new clients per month. We don’t compete against ourselves so we only work with one client per geo or major city. To secure your spot and lock-out your competiton, sign up for your free 15-minute discovery call by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bariatric Marketing

Bariatric digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all forms of online marketing that help drive traffic to your website and practice: social media, search engine optimization, paid ads, and more. With a custom bariatric surgery marketing strategy, we turn clicks into clients, boosting your bottom line.

Bariatric surgery marketing isn’t one size fits all. Creating a successful campaign means deep diving into the interests of your audience, understanding what makes your practice unique, and diversifying our approach to reach all potential clients. Our weight loss lead generation is fully tailored to you.

It’s all about the content. With bariatric marketing, you need to offer engaging content that isn’t just repeating what other practices in your area are putting out there. This means taking new approaches, utilizing different platforms, and helping prospective patients answer their burning questions about weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery advertising is a necessity because this is a competitive field. While with some areas of medicine, patients come in through referrals from other doctors, bariatrics is similar to plastic surgery; patients shop around for the best fit. By marketing your bariatric surgery practice, you get your name out there for consideration, often placing you at the front of the pack.



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