Case Study:

116% Increase In On-Site Seminar Attendance with In-Market Bariatric Audience Leads

Seminars are a great way to introduce prospective weight loss surgery patients to the process, options, the doctor and staff. In-person or on-site seminars may be the most personal way to connect with a prospect and, while attendance shows a high level of interest, it’s also challenging to get people to attend.

So how can you reach out to the people in your area that are interested in weight loss surgery right now? How can you identify them, bring them to your website and get them to sign up for an on-site seminar?

Beyond that, how do you get them to actually attend?

Our Happy Clients After Attending The Seminar

The Magic is in the Targeting

Google and Facebook work really for lead generation, but they both have some serious drawbacks.

Google AdWords is REALLY expensive. You pay a very high Cost-per-click for leads. In some markets, it can be over $5 and even up to $100, and that’s just for a click. How big is your advertising budget?

Facebook allows you to target any major demographic or interest, but you cannot target someone who is obese because that’s not in their profile. And even if they are obese, they may not care until they have a life changing event or some type of catalyst for taking action. Only then are they be serious about weight loss surgery.

Using browsing behavior, big data, and machine learning, we’re able to identify the exact people who are “in-market” and actively researching weight loss surgery clinics in your city right now. That’s laser-targeted advertising.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Sending your laser-targeted ad traffic to a high-converting landing page, rather than a traditional website, is likely the single best way to maximize your ad spend.

We’ve developed and tested landing pages for our clients so we know what ads and landing pages work best.

We continually optimize the landing pages and test new versions. All of our bariatric surgeons have the benefit of our experience so you get the best results in the shortest amout of time to maximize your ROI.

If you are still using traditional ads in Google or Facebook and sending the visitors to your website, we can help you get better results.

Sales Funnel Strategy for Bariatric Marketing

Opt-in Rates of 45% !

The average email opt-in rate is 1.95%; top 10% of marketers average a 4.77% opt-in rate. Our clients have opt-in rates of 45%. This is because our targeting finds the right people at the right time with the right message. In the example below, 1,532 opted-in to our client’s email list in 60 days and 442 registered for an on-site seminar. That’s right, 442 registrants in 60 days… and this clinic is not in a major city.

Our Client’s Email List Shows Registered People For An On-site Seminar

Follow-Up Emails

Once someone has provided their email, they’re expecting to hear from you, so let’s meet and exceed those expectations! 

We set up the follow-up email sequence for our clients to ensure those prospects turn into patients. Because our targeting is so good, we have very high email open rates.

The follow-up email sequence includes:

The screenshot below shows emails sent and how many were opened. You can see there are zero queued for the first email since it gets sent immediately. Open rates of 20-40% are considered “very good”. Our clients have open rates of about 50%,

Information of Follow-Up Emails Sent To Client & How Many Were Opened

Seminar Attendance

Getting prospects to attend a seminar is an important step for many of our clients. To have someone not only register but actually attend an on-site seminar shows a high level of interest. How would you like a 76% increase in on-site seminar attendance? Would that have an impact on your business? How about a 116% increase?

Below is a screenshot of on-site seminar attendance comparing 2017 to 2018 for one of our clients. You can see May attendance was down -60% the month before we began working together. After one month, attendance was up 15%, and after the second month attendance was up 76% over the prior year. In the third month, attendance was up 116%! Do you think they will get enough new patients to cover the cost of effective marketing?

Sheet of Our On-site Seminar Attendance Comparison of 2017 To 2018

Let’s walk through the numbers:

In July, this center had 132 prospects attend a live in-person seminar with their surgeons, that’s 57 more than the same month the previous year. Of those additional 57 prospects, how many do you think become patients?

While it’s still too early to tell, getting 5 or 6 new patients would not be a stretch at all and the number could be much, much higher. These are not just tire-kickers, these are people we know were researching weight loss surgery online before we ever contacted them. They not only registered, they attended an on-site seminar. Plus only 55% of the registrants attended. With the follow-up email sequence, many of the 109 who did not attend may still become patients.

Ad Spend

With such great results, you may wonder what kind of ad spend the client had. Would you be surprised the ad spend was only $1,000 / month? Try getting these kind of results just using Google Ads or boosting a Facebook post. There is additional cost because we provide all the targeting and manage the campaign 100% so the client can focus on running their business while we take care of lead generation.

With Results Like These, How Can You Afford Not To Work With Us?

If you’re ready for a specialist to approach your business with the same level of commitment and expertise as you approach your patients, then let’s set up a time to chat.

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