GA4 Migration for Healthcare Websites

Universal Analytics is going to go away when Google Analytics 4 replaces it. Because of this, healthcare organizations should arrange a Google Analytics 4 migration as soon as they can.

However, this is easier said than done for weight loss SEO. So in this post, let’s talk about Google Analytics 4. We’ll cover the benefits, the migration process, and what you can expect after you migrate.

What Is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is something that brings a lot of benefits to health care organizations. It brings an optimized data set layout and allows you to use event-based data models. You can even stay in better compliance with regulations.

A lot of the features available in GA4 were only available in Google Analytics 360 beforehand. But keep in mind that you can only store data for two months unless you manually switch it to 14 months. That’s one of the reasons to hire an agency like to help you with this migration.

Details About GA4

Google Analytics 4 is the newest iteration of Google Analytics, as its name suggests. While it was released in October 2020 originally, it only had limited features and support at that time. Adoption and third-party integrations were not quite popular.

However, Google has been continually adding features over time since that point. Because of this, Google now considers Google Analytics 4 as the golden standard. It will replace their Universal Analytics program pretty soon.

In fact, Google stopped supporting or even feeding data to Universal Analytics. Google Analytics lets you measure more data than ever before. By analyzing this data, you can improve the customer journey across your websites and applications.

Ultimately, this is going to help boost engagement and improve your SEO as well. It leverages more of Google’s machine learning technology. This helps you gain new insights that you may not have seen before in the ecosystem.

The Importance Of GA4 Migration

Universal analytics was appropriate for a generation where desktop computers were the main source of Internet access. However, the industry has evolved since then. Mobile has become a very important part of Internet usage.

Google Analytics 4 helps bridge this gap across several platforms to be more user-centric. Why do you need to migrate to Google Analytics 4? If you don’t migrate, then you may be left in the dark.

Google announced that they will be officially moving over to the new analytics platform on July 1, 2023. They will stop supporting Universal Analytics. Therefore, if you don’t move over before that time, you’re not going to have any data to track your customers and online experiences.

In addition, it’s a good idea to migrate because you can re-examine your web strategy and SEO efforts.

What Are The Benefits Of Migrating To GA4 Migration?

If you migrate to GA4, you’ll be able to future-proof your business against bots and other analytic problems. The event-based model allows for more accurate tracking.

This is especially true when it comes to funnels and segment overlaps. These concepts are becoming more popular in online marketing today.

And that’s not to mention the additional organic weight loss traffic that you can gain by optimizing your analytics.

How Do You Migrate To GA4?

To migrate to GA4, you first need to create a Google Analytics 4 property. Then you’ll create necessary data streams on your website or app. From here, there’s a complicated process of using property tags and transferring over your data.

It’s best to consult with professionals like those at Bariatric Audience. The last thing you want to do is to lose crucial data about your visitors.

Keep in mind that your existing data can be transferred over if you get the right help soon. But don’t hesitate because this migration is happening fast and Google is not known to wait for any company or brand.

Conclusion  — Weight Loss GA4 Migrating

If you run a healthcare organization, then marketing online is of the utmost importance. You can’t afford to go without analytics. However, handling the migration to the new GA4 platform could be quite a challenge.

Don’t worry, using the tips above, you can make it easier. And if you want to have a completely hands-off migration, simply contact Bariatric Audience

We can help you climb the search rankings, gain more clients and patients, and ultimately have more time to focus on what you truly love. After all, you’re in the business of improving patient outcomes, not tweaking online analytics.


Jeff Tormey is an SEO expert with a background in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He started learning SEO in 2001 out of curiosity and has since used his knowledge to help local, national, and global companies!