Why Storytelling in Marketing For Healthcare Is So Powerful

Healthcare marketing must incorporate a variety of techniques in order to be effective. One of these is storytelling. Storytelling is a powerful medium used by marketers that can help establish a brand identity and improve credibility.

So in this post, let’s explore how storytelling in advertising is so powerful for bariatric and other healthcare campaigns. That way you can improve your revenues, health outcomes, and organizational growth.

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How Using Storytelling And Marketing Together Help Bariatric Practices

Emotional Engagement

It’s a fact that the more emotional someone is, then the more likely they are to engage with your message.

Since stories often rely on emotions, this is a powerful way to connect with your audience of patients. Sometimes it can be the patient themselves who connect with it, or it may be a close friend or family member of the patient.


Using a story can tell your narrative in an indirect way. Since you’re not directly bragging or making claims, it improves credibility because it comes off as more effortless.

Highlighting Patient Stories

When you show a patient’s journey, it becomes much more relatable. After all, patients want to engage with healthcare services that they feel like other people similar to them have already experienced.

For instance, you can show a patient’s initial struggles with their health condition. Afterward, you can show the process they went through to receive health services.

And finally, in the third portion of the story, you can show the positive results that they benefited from. This powerful narrative arc of storytelling is similar to a Hollywood movie. Except for in this context, it has to do with a real-life health solution.

Social Proof

When telling stories, people can identify with the experiences of other people. One of the most powerful points of influence in any kind of marketing is social proof.

Therefore, you can express messages that you want to communicate using third party perspectives.


You can demonstrate the types of services you offer. You can also show the level of service you provide and the type of staff training that you focus on.

In other words, you’re going to highlight the benefits of your specific health practice over the competition.

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