PPC Best Practices for Attracting More Bariatric Patients
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If you regularly complete Google searches yourself, you know how potential patients behave when making inquiries of their own. You take a look at the paid ads that show at the top, look at the nearby results to the side, and maybe check out the top 1-3 organic results.

Weight loss Surgery SEO is essential to landing in those top organic results, but what about those paid ads that show up above it all?

To land there, you need a combination of the right keywords in your ads and a well-executed PPC campaign. So, what all goes into a good campaign for bariatric surgeons?

Best Practices for Bariatric PPC Campaigns

Overall, bariatric PPC is the same as with any other industry, save for some nuance in the keywords and content to make your ads appeal to search engines and audiences alike. So, the best practices are more or less the same across the board. Let’s take a look at what these include.

1: Establish Your Goals

What does a successful healthcare PPC campaign look like? The specifics vary based on what you want to achieve. However, in all cases, a successful campaign should help you meet your goals.

In education, they call this backwards design—you start with the finish line and work your way back to the start. With PPC campaigns, you determine what the finish line should be, then tailor everything to get you to that goal.

2: Select the Best Keywords

With keywords, you want to look for those that are high interest—meaning many people complete searches with them included in their terms—but relatively low competition—meaning you aren’t battling with as many other practices to get chosen by the algorithm. Make sure you get a good mixture of local and global keywords since bariatric surgery is a service many people are happy to travel for.

3: Answer Questions and Meet Needs

Weight loss PPC campaigns only work when people click on your ads. To get them to do so, you need to offer something of value. This means answering questions and meeting needs. In most cases, people will find you while Googling a question or topic they want information on. Your ad needs to give them enough to click, then fill in the rest on the landing page.

If you aren’t quite ready to manage bariatric PPC campaigns on your own, do not worry; we are here to help. At Bariatric Audience, we can handle all of your marketing needs, from SEO to weight loss surgery social media. Schedule a call to learn more.


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