A bariatric surgery center needed help boosting the number of patients in their surgery pipeline, so they asked if we could help them. We said “yes”.

A bariatric surgery center with multiple locations in one state came to us in March of 2020. They wanted to increase the number of bariatric patients quickly with paid ads and compare our results to their current marketing agency.


  • Facebook Ads Online Seminar Registrations: 38
  • Google Ads Online Seminar Registrations: 32
  • Google Ads: 26 calls
  • Facebook Ads: 14 calls
  • Total Leads: 110

Our Approach

  • Using browsing behavior, big data, and machine learning we are able to identify the exact people who are “in-market” and actively researching for weight loss surgery clinics in our client’s target markets.
  • Our partner created a highly effective online weight loss surgery seminar and a landing page proven to drive conversions.
  • We created effective ads in Facebook and Google based on our extensive experience with bariatric surgeons.
  • We set up proper tracking to measure the results from each campaign and calculate the ROI for our client.

Facebook Ads May 1 – May 31

For the 4 Facebook campaigns we created in May, we achieved Click Through Rates up to nearly 7% and an average Cost Per Click of only $0.63.  The results for May are captured in the the screenshot below.

Results:  38 seminar registrations and 14 phone calls

Facebook Ads May 1 – May 31
Achieved CTR up to nearly 7% With an Average CPC of Only $0.63

Google Ads May 1 – May 31

Google Ads resulted in 32 seminar registrations and 26 phone calls

Call Tracking

  • Google Ads: 26 calls
  • Facebook Ads: 14 calls
Call Tracking Data for Google Ads & Facebook Ads

With machine learning, results improve over time so next month the cost per acquisition will be less.  With a lower cost per acquisition, our ad budget goes farther so we can achieve more leads for the same ad spend.  We also update or change ads that did not perform as well as the top ads.  The updates include changes in the text, Call To Action and image in Facebook Ads

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