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With our data, we create campaigns to target the top 3% of the market who are actually ready to take action and eliminate the bottom 97% who are not.

Lower Acquisition Cost

With our target audiences, we reduce cost per acquisition. This means higher quality leads for your office, and more revenue for your clinic.

Save Time

Say goodbye to chasing down unqualified leads. We build sales funnels to follow up with leads so you & your staff can focus patients.

See results we delivered for our clients.

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About Bariatric Audience - Marketing Agency for Bariatric Surgery

Case Study By Bariatric Audience

76% Increase In On-Site Seminar Attendance with In-Market Bariatric Audience Leads: Targeted Marketing for Weight Loss Surgery. Seminars are a great way to introduce prospective weight loss surgery patients to the process, options, the doctor, and staff.

In-person or on-site seminars may be the most personal way to connect with a prospect and, while attendance shows a high level of interest, it’s also challenging to get people to attend. So how can you reach out to the people in your area that are interested in weight loss surgery right now? How can you identify them, bring them to your website and get them to sign up for an on-site seminar? Beyond that, how do you get them to actually attend? Check out our this case study.

Cut Ad Waste by Up To 97%

With our data, technology and smart market systems, we create campaigns designed to control the conversation with the top 3% of the market who are actually ready-to-schedule and eliminate the bottom 97% who will never will.

About Bariatric Audience

At Bariatric Audience, our exclusive patient acquisition system ensures a steady flow of weight loss surgery patients. Featured on major networks, we offer a unique advantage. With precision, we identify individuals actively seeking weight loss surgery in your area. Distinguishing ourselves from generalist agencies, we specialize in medical weight loss, BMI, and gastric banding. With a history in SEO and Google Ads since 2001, SEO Guru Atlanta has propelled numerous companies to the top of search engines since 2012.

Just as you specialize in medicine, we specialize in marketing your weight loss surgery clinic. Benefit from our expertise – we understand how to market your clinic as effectively as you diagnose and treat patients. Ready for a specialist’s commitment to your business? Due to demand, we accept only 3 clients monthly, ensuring exclusive attention. Reserve your spot now, and let’s discuss how we can elevate your clinic’s success. Click below for a free 15-minute discovery call.

Jeff Tormey –
Founder, Bariatric Audience

What Our Clients Say About Us

"The leads are coming in daily. The campaign is doing excellent. We have been able to convert some of those to patients. If those can continue hopefully we will be in great shape."
"I am a Bariatric surgeon and I must say that Jeff Tormey and his team tremendously increased our traffic to our website significantly within a matter of two weeks. Our phones were ringing off the hook constantly. If you want your business to thrive, then it is essential to have someone like Jeff to help grow your business. SEOGURU is the real deal. They pay attention to detail and constantly keep in contact with you. I highly recommend them"
Mustafa Ahmed
"We have been working with Jeff at Bariatric Audience for over two years now and have seen great growth in lead generation and traffic to our website and on Facebook. We highly recommend Bariatric Audience for SEO and lead generation, a great investment with excellent return on investment."
Matt Tinsley
West Texas Bariatrics

FAQ About Bariatric Marketing

Bariatric marketing enhances practice visibility, attracting patients seeking weight loss solutions.

Weight Loss SEO elevates online presence, ensuring your clinic is easily found by those searching for bariatric services.

Bariatric SEO optimizes your website to convert online visitors into patients, boosting clinic growth.

Weight Loss SEO tactics enhance your clinic’s website ranking, ensuring it stands out among competitors in online searches.

Bariatric SEO secures long-term clinic growth by adapting to evolving trends and contributing to sustained online success.

Quick impact: Bariatric SEO can swiftly improve search rankings, bringing increased visibility to your clinic.

Unsure? If patient acquisition is a concern, explore the benefits of Bariatric SEO to see transformative results.

Yes, Bariatric SEO helps clinics reach local clients by targeting specific geographic areas and optimizing for local search.

Stay current with SEO trends: Regularly update strategies to align with algorithm changes for sustained online relevance.

Explore successful bariatric SEO campaigns for patient acquisition inspiration and proven strategies for clinic growth.

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