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Over 15 million U.S. adults are eligible for bariatric surgery. Despite this, only about 1 percent of them are currently selecting weight loss surgery as a solution to their struggles.

There are legitimate reasons why people avoid surgery. For some, it is too expensive or just isn’t the correct solution. But for most of these individuals, the barriers standing between them and these procedures are wholly moveable. And through quality bariatric marketing, you can help them overcome many of them.

What Stops People From Seeking Weight Loss Surgery?

Every person is unique, and so are their reasons for not yet taking the step of scheduling a consultation. However, there is a lot of overlap. Some of the most common reasons people don’t even get as far as calling a bariatric practice include:

  • Fear of surgeries in general.
  • Urban legends surrounding weight loss surgery.
  • Bad experiences of someone they know.
  • The idea that getting surgery is taking the easy route.
  • Believing that surgery is a sign of failure or giving up.
  • Thinking that life after surgery is too restrictive to be enjoyable.

Use Bariatric Surgery Marketing to Address Fears and Drive Traffic

When people have questions or concerns, they pick up their phone or hop on their computer and perform a Google search. This is true for pretty much everything, but especially so for medical topics.

So, when someone asks Google, “Is gastric bypass really taking the easy route?” you want your blog post on that topic to be at the top of the search engine results.

People trust authority figures, but they also don’t dig deep into their search result pages. When you are ranking at the top and answering your questions, you become trustworthy to them, and they want to turn to you for hope.

How Bariatric Digital Marketing Works

In essence, bariatric surgery marketing strategies combine quality content that answers questions and calms fears with approaches that appeal to search engine algorithms. Weight loss Surgery SEO keeps your page in the top results for various search terms, making it easier for prospective patients to find your home on the web.

PPC campaigns focus on the most competitive search terms and pay to place your ads above the organic results. And weight loss surgery social media ensures you can meet your patients where they are online.

Of course, implementing these weight loss marketing ideas is more complex than you might think. So, instead of handling this in-house, turn to the experts at Bariatric Audience. Schedule your call today and learn more about how we can boost your bottom line. 


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