When bariatric surgery practices come to us for better results, we deliver.

Are you frustrated trying to get more bariatric surgery leads from the internet?  Do you feel like you just cannot crack the code?  Maybe you’ve hired an agency and they did not deliver the results you need.

We work with bariatric surgery centers all over the USA, Canada and Mexico and we deliver unrivaled results.

Would you like to see the proof?  The screenshots below are from the monthly reports for a few of our clients, and the results are typical for all of our clients.  Note the number of conversions and the Cost Per Conversion, which is less than what most pay for a single click

If you’re spending $5-$20 per click, how about spending that per conversion

We count a conversion as signing up for an in-person or online seminar, completing a contact form or making a phone call.  The below does not include calls so the cost per conversion is actually lower than shown below.

Are you getting results like these? 

Website Cost Per Conversion Performance Tracking by Bariatric Audience
Account Performance result delivered to client
bariatric surgery leads
leads for bariatric surgeons

How do we do it?

  • Using browsing behavior, big data, and machine learning we are able to identify the exact people who are “in-market” and actively researching for weight loss surgery clinics in our client’s target markets.
  • We create highly effective landing pages proven to drive conversions.
  • We create effective bariatric social media ads on Facebook and Google based on our extensive experience with bariatric surgeons.
  • We set up proper tracking to measure the results from each campaign and calculate the ROI for our client.

What's the next step?

Would results like this help your practice grow?  Schedule a 15 min call and see if we might be a good fit for bariatric marketing of your practice.  We have a policy of only one client per market so schedule a call using the link below.